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Emulation of the best 16-bit Video Game console - The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (a.k.a. Super NES or SNES for short)

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What Is A Video Game Emulator?

A video game emulator is a computer program that can cause one computer system (the guest) to act like a different system which is also known as the host. Using an emulator allow you to play video games using your computer without having the actual system or a specific platform! While using your computer to play the original video game may be fantastic, there is considerable legal controversy about copyright issues in emulation.

Console emulators recreate other systems and make them compatible with your computer. They are mostly used to play classic games that we all played years ago. Classic gaming fans have been able to create new games for old consoles using emulator systems.

The emulator, first created in 1997, replicated the original Nintendo Entertainment System® and was nicknamed NESticle. The program proved a smash hit with those longing for the glory days of console gaming, and was quickly followed by Bloodlust Software’s Sega Genesis® emulator, Genecyst.

Today there is an emulator for every single system – From the basic Atari to Xbox 360. Every single console has a pltaform but many ROMS are not free and can cause legal problems! Be sure to be careful when downloading emulators and roms and read the fine print!

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